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s    w    i    t    z    e    r    l    a    n    d


s     w     i     t     z     e     r     l     a     n     d


Sempach, Switzerland 1985

a brand vision celebrating 35 years

Une vision de marque qui fête ses 35 ans.

  Paul Johann Agner founded Agner Swiss Trommel Schlagel in 1985 from Sempach, Switzerland on Lake Lucerne.  With a distinguished background in furniture making, Paul Agner foundationally engaged the percussion industry with the singular 

philosophy of holistically fullfilling the discerning needs of renown European drummers and percussionists with the inclusion

of both indigenous and discriminatingly sourced materials, objective manufacturing interaction, proprietary finishing techniques

composed of sound, uncompromising detail coupled with with legendary, time honored Swiss precision.

  For the past three decades, Agner Swiss has remained the preeminent European manufacturer of premium drumsticks, mallets

and accessories with product specializations germane to traditional, contemporary and artist drumset applications with the

addition of exclusive signature, Viennese orchestral, Swiss Trommel, corps and percussive esoterica.

  Agner Swiss celebrated a distinguished 35th anniversary in 2020 boasting a roster in excess of 600 international artists with 

corporate and manufacturing divisions located in Rothenburg, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany with finishing at Villingen-Schwenningen, Black Forest region of Southwest Germany.

  "I, Paul Agner, have used half of my life to implement this idea for countless drummers of all

styles of music to create their personally desired 'dream sticks'.  This has been our tradition at

the Agner Swiss Drumstick Company and will continue to be our daily challenge.  

  We are willing to accept all challenges to us in an ever changing music business and to the discerning demands of all drummers and percussionists.  It makes me proud to be able to use

my expertise and knowledge for the entire drumming community.  My mission in life is to continue

to be dominated by this willingness.  A big 'thank you' to all members of the 'Agner family'."

                                                                                            Paul Johann Agner


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