I first encountered Chip during a 2010 drum festival while presenting a Latin symposium for drumset.   As I experienced the juggernaut that was his performance a short time later,  a particular set of rarified descriptives quickly embraced me.  Chip is a singular, tour de force of precision mechanics and engaging showmanship coupled with an unprecedented passion for his craft.  Simply stated in elite drumming parlance, an absolute operator.


  As director of brand operations and artist relations for Agner Swiss North America, it is now, with extreme pleasure to welcome Kristopher 'Chip' Ritter as a distinguished member and educator to the Agner Swiss international family of artists.


  For more than two decades, Chip has garnered international attention as an in demand touring artist, clinician, educator and media author.  He was the first drummer to to ever be featured in a solo performance on the David Letterman Show in 2004.  In addition, Chip is a top selling Mel Bay artist, featured columnist for Modern Drummer, DRUM!, U.K Drummer, Drumeo guest contributor and cited Drummerworld Top 500 of all time.


  We look forward to Chip's ongoing, unique contributions for the betterment of our craft and are equally excited to present him as a sage educational contributor and consultant on behalf of Agner Swiss.


Brian W. Cupp

Brand Operations - Artist Relations

Agner Swiss North America

t h e   ' c h i p '  r i t t e r   s h o w

c   o  m  i  n  g    s   o   o  n

s     w     i     t     z     e     r     l     a    n    d

T h e  ' C h i p ' R i t t e r  S h o w

a one man act like no other

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