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s     w     i     t     z     e     r     l     a     n     d

Orchestral Purpose Designs

Création d'orchestre

The classical Barock-Schlägel hard mallet for tympani finished in natural Beech 'Weißbuchen'.

  For over three decades, Agner Swiss has provided a specialist array of sticks and mallets to many of Europe's most elite symphonies and traditional conservatories since 1985 with previous model selections that have included Hard Maple, American Hickory, white beech 'weißbuchen' and exotic Pao Rosa.

All Inquiries: 918.991.4199
Orchestral Snare Drum Models
Mod. sd-2

(USD per pair)

american hickory / hard maple

16 x 402mm

5/8 x 15 7/8"

MSRP  $19.00 USD

Special $11.25 USD

Mod. s4

hard maple

17.0 x 403mm

21/32 x 15 13/16"

MSRP  $19.00 USD

Special $11.25 USD

Mod. s5

hard maple

16.2 x 414mm

5/8 x 16 1/4"

MSRP  $19.00 USD

Special $11.25 USD

Mod. s7

hickory / pao rosa

16.0 x 388mm

39/64 x 15 1/4"

MSRP  $19.50 USD

Special $12.00 USD

Tympani Models

Baroque Tympani Hard Mallet

white beech / 'weißbuchen'

21.5 x 365mm

27/32 x 14 11/32"

Mod. Timpani Soft Type

MSRP  $52.00 USD

Special $45.00 USD

white beech 'weißbuchen'

MSRP  $40.00 USD

Special $34.00 USD

Mod. GP / Marimba Soft

white beech 'weißbuchen'

MSRP  $40.00 USD

Special $34.00 USD


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