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Model design & customization

modèle de conception personnalisé

our 5a      your vision
L O G O  S I G N A T U R E  C O L O R  W E I G H T  W O O D  M E R C H 
    With perhaps the most comprehensive group of personalized options ever offered we present a new program inspired by decades of custom collaborations with our with our phenomenal roster of global artists. Explore our virtually limitless range of possibilities to create your ultimate 5a design.  You choose the model, finish, wood and weight with the additional versatility of adding color, logo or personalized  signature. An incredibly exclusive investment to your craft, we think, very worthy of your time to consider.  Explore the possibilities of customization through our comprehensive step by step guide from conception to final arrival in your hands.  To inquire regarding additional catalog models not featured, available for                        customization, please forward all inquiries to
Available 2023  5a Models
5a standart american hickory
Group I  $10.25USD pr.
5a 'x-long' american hickory
Group I  $10.25USD pr.
5a standart nylon american hickory
Group II  $11.50USD pr.
5a 'short' american hickory
Group I  $10.25USD pr.
5a standart european hornbeam
Group I  $10.25USD  pr.
5a standart american hickory felt 
Group V  $15.00USD pr.
5a 'long' american hickory
Group I  $10.25USD pr.
5a 'standart' hard maple
Group I  $10.25USD pr.
5a standart green american hickory
Group I  $10.25USD pr.
5a 'gripp' american hickory
Group II  $11.50USD pr.
5a 'standar't uv-light yellow
Group III  $12.75USD pr.
5a 'standart' uv-light orange
Group III  $12.75USD pr.
5a 'standart' uv-light pink
Group III  $12.75USD pr.
5a 'standart' glow
Group IV  $14.00USD pr.
2023 Custom Ordering Program
I.  Select your model
Choose from our current selection of 5a production models.  Most models are available in your choice of premium American
Hickory, Hard Maple or Agner's exclusively sourced, European Hornbeam.  Note, if desired model is not listed, please forward  inquiries to regarding model availability, cost and production options.  All custom orders are minimum 100pr.
II.  Choose your weight
Optionally, weight selection is currently available for most models offered in American Hickory.  If seeking a weight specific model in Hard Maple or European Hornbeam, please inquire directly to to confirm eligibility.  Weighted pairs are available from 40g-70g.  (Note: stated weight is per stick.)
III.  Add your signature & logo
Submit your signature, personal or group logo.  Additionally, logos can be applied to both sides of stick.  While this will incur an additional templating charge per logo, once on file with our European office, subsequent orders can be submitted without incurring additional templating fees.  Initial templating charge is a onetime, $50.00USD.  Additional templating charges are $40.00USD per item and also subject to a onetime templating fee.  All submitted signatures & logos must be sent in jpeg format, in black on a white background in high resolution. Poor resolution may affect both reproduction capability and quality of print resolution.
Please send all art, signatures and logos to  (Note, all submissions are subject to approval).
Agner 5a 'standart' 30th Anni. Edition Silver/Red Fade Paul J. Agner Signature
IV.  Color & Design
You may choose to alter both the color of your signature or logo in addition to adding color to your stick.  While sticks are finished with a proprietary, minimal tack factory lacquer they may be ordered with additional lacquer (ref. Calato/Regal) or without lacquer (ref. Pro-Mark Natural) as well.  For the addition of colored lacquer, Agner Swiss utilizes the international RAL color & coding system for this feature, please reference color table sample for specific color choices.  In addition, you may also choose to use varnish if preferring visible woodgrain versus a solid finish.  Single and multi-color layering is possible, additional fees will apply.  Please forward all inquiries to for availability, additional fees and necessary lead time for order completion and delivery.  RAL color code required for ordering, please refer to for code information.
RAL Reference Colour Chart
'Gripp' , UV Light & 'Glow' Models
All Agner 'Gripp' model sticks feature a proprietary, low mass grip material, unique to the market, offered in factory default red.  Our proprietary 'Gripp' material is also available in several primary color options as well at no additional charge.  In addition, you may add a personal signature or logo to 'Gripp' portion if desired.  'Glow' and UV Light models while available for both signature and logo printing are not optioned for additional color addition or blending.
V.  Merch. & Branding Options
 Exclusive to Agner Swiss, you may option drumstick keyrings, utilizing color, logo & signature customization to complement and match your specific stick design.  Our classic design features a pair of miniature, American Hickory drumsticks attached
to a durable chrome plated, steel keyring.  You may choose a single RAL color (see chart) in addition to a single signature or     sig./logo combination in matching drumstick logo color.  For touring players, this is a wonderful option for swag and                        promotional opportunities.   Minimum quantity required for purchase, bulk pricing discount available. 
                                           for detailed information.  
agner keychain fine! 1a.jpg
Agner Swiss American Hickory Promotional Keyring
VI.  Pricing & Options
All custom orders are available minimum 100pr. quantities and are priced based upon type and selected options. Multiple models may be optioned within same order.  Example: (100pr.) 25pr. 5a 'standart", 50pr. 5a 'Gripp', 25pr. 5a Felt.

Pricing per pair: (100pr. min. qty. order)
* Group I      $10.25 USD 'standart, short, long, x-long, hard maple, european hornbeam, 'green' series
* Group II     $12.00 USD nylon, 'gripp'
* Group III    $12.75 USD UV light 
* Group IV    $14.00 USD 'glow'
* Group V     $15.00 USD felt

Ala Cartre options:

* Templating fee:  $50.00USD  (one time fee)
* Add. Templating per:  $40.00USD  (one time fee)

* Wood type:  (American Hickory, Hard Maple, European Hornbeam)
* Stick Weight:  40g-70g per stick, currently optioned for American Hickory only, no charge
* Add RAL color lacquer:  $45.00USD
* Add second RAL:  $45.00USD
* Standard Lacquer:  included, no charge.
* Non-lacquered:  no charge
* Additional Lacquer:  $25.00USD
* Default printing color:  black (included, no charge)
* RAL printing color:  $25.00USD
* Add 2nd RAL color lacquer:  $25.00USD 
* Natural finish:  (included, no charge)
* Agner keyring (min. order qty.  50 pieces)  $3.00USD per piece

* Keyring default printing color (black):  included, no charge
* Keyring RAL printing color:  $25.00USD

VII. Production, Freight & Delivery
In addition to offering an incredible array of models and prototype designs, Agner Swiss has become highly specialized offering players the opportunity to make a very personal statement with their drumsticks, as we have been privileged to have collaborated on scores of custom model designs for percussionists since 1985. 
While we absolutely look forward to helping you envision your own custom design, it is important to note, all orders are subject to final approval prior to production.  Typical production lead time is 6 to 8 weeks.  Orders will be drop shipped 
to expedite delivery.  A
s manufacturing is centered in Europe via US importation, stated delivery times may vary.  All orders are subject to freight charges based upon ordered quantities.  
VIII.  Submit your vision!
First, we apologize for such a long read!  With so many options and details presented we feel it's important to have some
background regarding our process.  While we appreciate with current market trends, the opportunity for players to have both a
truly premium drumstick with the addition of custom personalization has been both limited if not simply impossible with some
manufacturers.  Observing these trends, we have chosen to offer a new program for custom stick availability previously limited
only to our endorsers.  Traditionally, custom orders and details discussed were via email, text or direct call.  With this new
approach, we have striven to maintain a personal touch by offering a uniquely comprehensive overview of the custom process.
Your next step is to fill out your personal order request.  Please be as accurate as possible regarding chosen options along with contact information and custom design specifics to complete your custom order request.  We sincerely look forward to hearing
from you.  Prost!

Get in touch!

We'll be in contact soon!
Copyright 2023 Agner Swiss NA / The Madras Group.  All rights reserved.
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