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  s    w    i    t    z    e    r    l    a    n    d

s     w     i     t     z     e     r     l     a     n     d

the Agner 5a.

our comprehensive short, standard, long, nylon

and proprietary "gripp" models, available in

premium, sourced american hickory and 

exclusive european hornbeam

precision paired from 40g

through 60g for


seit 1985

Präzision Schweizer Qualität
Agner Swiss   North America 

L'Agner 5a


a g n e r  s w i s s  -  n o r t h  a m e r i c a


u  n  i  t  e  d   s  t  a  t  e  s      c  a  n  a  d  a

© Copyright, 2020, Agner Swiss NA / The Madras Group.  All rights reserved.

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